Deep Clean Ultra Concentrate

Deep Clean Ultra Concentrate

Ideal degreaser for use throughout the kitchen. Emulsifies cooking oil, Odourless & will not taint food stuffs - safe for use in food processing areas. Controlled foam, no excessive rinsing required.

Use to degrease walls, floors, and all water washable surfaces in the kitchen. Deep clean Ultra Concentrate rinses freely to leave all non-porous surfaces clean and grease free.

Directions For Use:
Platinum professional Push Button dosing units represent the latest in chemical management systems, automatically dosing solutions into spray bottle, Ready to fill with clean water. These units eliminate manual mixing, so employee preparation time is drastically reduced. Producing the ultimate economy in use every time, these units also promote health & safety at work and reduce the risk of harmful and costly over use and spillages. A great way to recycle trigger sprayers & Plastic bottles.

Available Pack Size: 2 Litre