Catering Products

Supplying eco friendly cleaning & hygiene supplies to Hotels, Restaurants, Holiday Parks, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Schools, Leisure centres, Garages, Offices, Factory's, Cleaning companies & much more.

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Catering Products
De-Tann Machine Dishwash De-Tann Machine Dishwash
A concentrated machine dishwashing detergent.
Dishwash Detergent Plus Dishwash Detergent Plus
Highly concentrated dishwashing detergent.
Cabinet Glasswash Detergent Cabinet Glasswash Detergent
Specially formulated for enclosed glass washing machines
Rinse Aid Plus Rinse Aid Plus
Ensures sparkling crockery and cutlery Low foaming formulation.
Rinse & Sparkle Rinse & Sparkle
Super concentrated, economy in use.
Concentrated Washing Up Liquid Concentrated Washing Up Liquid
Highly concentrated. Mild, long lasting foam,
Deep Clean Deep Clean
Ideal degreaser for use throughout the kitchen.
Spray & Wipe Sanitiser Spray & Wipe Sanitiser
Superior antibacterial and cleaning performance.
Grimebuster Grimebuster
Removes baked on fat and shortenings from kitchen ranges.
Fry Clean Fry Clean
Removes baked on fat and carbon from deep fat fryers.
Spray Grill & Oven Cleaner Spray Grill & Oven Cleaner
Removes baked on fat and carbon from ovens & grills.
Combi Oven Detergent Combi Oven Detergent
A specialised degreaser for use in combination ovens.
Combi Oven Rinse Combi Oven Rinse
Specialised concentrated rinse additive for use in combination ovens
Yellow Degreasing Powder Yellow Degreasing Powder
A degreasing powder for use on floors, walls, tiles etc
Pink Sanitising Powder Pink Sanitising Powder
Highly effective pink sanitising powder.
Drain Digester Drain Digester
Drain Digester is a highly effective grease and fat digester.
Purple Beer Line Cleaner Purple Beer Line Cleaner
To clean and sterilise beer pumps, pipelines and tanks.
Super Beer Line Cleaner Super Beer Line Cleaner
To clean and sterilise beer pumps, pipelines and tanks.
Bactericidal Liquid Hand Soap Bactericidal Liquid Hand Soap
Rich deep cleansing lather, proven antibacterial action.
Dish Wash Tablets Dish Wash Tablets
5 in 1 Dish Wash Tablets
Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Antibacterial Surface Cleaner
Highly effective cleaner with a powerful bactericide.
Sanitiser Ultra Concentrate Sanitiser Ultra Concentrate
Highly concentrated spray & wipe sanitiser which dilutes 200 - 1 with a 1 minute contact time.
Sterilising Fluid Sterilising Fluid
Disinfecting liquid that can be used to clean any non-metallic surface
Window Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner Window Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner
Cleans windows, double glazing, mirrors, glass, display units.
Dishwash Powder Dishwash Powder
High performance manually dosed powder detergent for dishwashers.
Berrygood Washing-up Liquid Berrygood Washing-up Liquid
concentrated. Mild, long lasting foam
Deep Clean Ultra Concentrate Deep Clean Ultra Concentrate
Highly Concentrated Hard Surface cleaner which dilutes 66 - 1 Ideal degreaser for use throughout the kitchen.
Glass Renovate Glass Renovate
Glass Renovator helps reduce the appearance of wear & tear marks
Bactericidal Foaming Hand Soap Bactericidal Foaming Hand Soap
Extra emulsifying powers for grease and grime removal.